We Provide Service For Home Roof Installation Projects

Did you know in some states a person can put a magnetic sign on their truck, through a ladder in the back and BINGO. they are now a roofer.

Because of the money in the roofing business IT IS RIFE WITH FRAUD. A few years back (2013) a Dallas, Tx. sitting District Attorney, Craig Watkins, was taken advantage of by a roofer. “The Watkins’s are the victims of a negligent contractor, who was incompetent, did poor work and made bad decisions and misrepresented his insurance coverage.” (Dallas Morning News)

A smart, college educated officer of the court deceived by a roofer. If it can happen to him, it can happen to anyone, and it happens day in and day out, all over the country. The most upsetting part is most often there is little or no recourse for the homeowner. Homeowners are out a lot of money, no recovery, and the roofer gets off. And the result is the homeowner needs to find a quality roofing company to complete the repairs at addition cost.


There is now a solution to this problem. THE ROOFING CONSORTIUM was created to protect the homeowner and defeat the negligent, incompetent, misrepresenting, lying, poor quality, scamming, contractor, roofer, roofing company before they can even attempt to take advantage of you.

What we do is simple. We are a member network of roofers, roofing companies, and experienced contractors dedicated to providing the highest level of service and workmanship to qualified homeowners and property owners who are in need of roofing repair or replacements. Our members have been vetted to obtain some of the very best in the industry.

The Roofing Consortium Network members:

The Roofing Consortium saves time, guesswork, and frustration out of interviewing multiple roofing contractors just to find someone you might feel comfortable with to do business with.

The Roofing Consortium performs much like an agent for both parties, like a match-maker. The Roofing Consortium matches legitimate incoming roofing projects with selected legitimate roofers, roofing companies, and contractors in the project area.

All Roofing Consortium members:

Have been in business at least five (5) years.

Are of good reputation in their community.

Have a clean BBB record and no unresolved complaints.

Are fully licensed, insured, and bonded, as required by any government agency.

Provide a warranty on all workmanship.


Dependable & Sincere Company


The Roofing Consortium Combines Residential Homeowners And Roofing Companies. The Roofing Consortium Matches Qualified Residential Homeowners Having Verified Roofing Issues With Qualified Roofing Companies. Every Homeowner Should Be Very Concerned About Who They Allow On Their Roof As The Roofing Industry Is Rife With Fraud.

The Roofing Consortium can give you peace of mind.The Roofing Consortium is a free service to the homeowner/property owner. Homeowner/Property owners are never required to do business with any of our network members. Feel free to contact The Roofing Consortium for any questions or additional information.

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